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The Effective Application of Technology
A Division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.
Latest News
Generation 1 and 2 ST-LIBS (Stand-Off) Systems at the Army Research Laboratory Feb 27 2006
Ameasol and its partner Applied Photonics Ltd have recently completed the design, integration and delivery of the Generation 2 Long Range ST-LIBS system to the Army Research Laboratory. This is the second stage of our project following the previous delivery of the Generation 1 ST-LIBS system.
The transportable systems have several innovative technical features and have an effective range of 60 + meters.
The ST-LIBS system is a fully engineered commercially available AMEASOL - APL product.
For more information plesase contact us at: info@ameasol.com
AMEASOL Technical Director Dr. Andrew Whitehouse at the ARL with the Gen1 ST-LIBS unit (right) and the Gen 2 unit (left) Delivered Feb 27, 2006
Long Range LIBS Systems Delivery Completed
Ameasol is a division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.
New Commercially available Long Range LIBS Systems ST-LIBS (Stand-Off)
Pre-delivery testing and certification of ST-LIBS
Commercially available ST-LIBS product