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A Division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.
Ameasol is a division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.
We specialize in the "Effective Application of Technology" for customer projects, particularly in the area of remote systems for hazardous environments, where safety, reliability and efficiency are particularly beneficial to our customers.
We have, under various agreements, adopted and integrated a range of technologies from US National Laboratories and leading technical organizations in the US and Europe. We continue to seek to extend our capabilities with additional technologies and agreements.
We believe that there are many areas where the application of new, but operationally proven, technologies can offer significant benefits to our customers. We can reduce risks to personnel and save our customers time and money by careful selection and deployment of these technologies for optimal performance.
We believe that we offer a unique and complementary combination of technologies, capabilities and the supporting application experience necessary for successful implementation. 
We are US owned and qualify as a small business under the  Government size classification criteria. We are registered with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) and focus primarily on the nuclear, chemical, defense and homeland security markets.
AMEASOL and its teaming partners have over 250 professional staff and a wide range of high technology products and services. 
The founders of American Measurement Solutions LLC. have over 25 years of experience in the US and international nuclear and process industries. They have core capabilities in the areas of nuclear measurements, remote operations, robotics, laser optical systems, project management and various engineering disciplines.
We are an equal opportunity employer and value the contributions of all of our staff.
AMEASOL is an operating division of American Measurement Solutions LLC. We are based close to the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico.
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