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Nuclear Materials Detection, Survey and Measurement
AMEASOL can provide a range of nuclear materials measurement systems and services. These range from simple survey and detection equipment, which can be deployed remotely, to complex analysis, imaging and certification equipment. AMEASOL staff has over 20 years of extensive experience in the provision, deployment and operation of these systems and services worldwide.

We can call upon our world recognized technical and industry experts to define and support measurement strategies and solutions.

We have no exclusive agreements with any of our equipment suppliers and do not manufacture components, so we have no conflicts of interest related to technology or equipment selection. AMEASOL work independently to define and integrate the very best systems and capabilities for our customers needs, from the wide range of commercially available techniques and components. We put the customer first.

Ameasol has the ability to combine and fully integrate separate technologies, for example radiation detection and optical analysis into a synergistic measurement system. By careful selection of these complementary techniques the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

We also have valuable expertise to assist with National Laboratory technology transfer projects and commercialization and to adapt and bring new technologies from commercial organizations to our customer base.

We would be pleased to discus your radiation detection, survey, analysis, characterization or other measurement requirements in detail and to provide an effective solution.
A Division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.
Ameasol is a division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.