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Latest News
Brokk Machines Deployed at US Nuclear Site
Oak Ridge TN, March 2006
Our most recent deployment of a Brokk Machine for nuclear facility clean up work is at the Melton Valley section of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in TN.
This former DOE weapons complex facility is undegoing deactivation, decommissioning and demoition as part of the site clean-up initiative.
The Brokk 330 E, was supplied with a range of tools and attachments which can be changed remotely, to allow the operators to work in complete safety.
Our customer operator remotely controls demolition work with powerful hydraulic breakers, crushers and other accessories in a hazardous radiation contaminated area
The machines attachments and other equipment were delivered on schedule to the Oak Ridge site. We then provided training and certification for several of the customers operators.
The Brokk machines will allow this difficult demolition work to be completed effeciently, cost effectively and in complete safety by the customers own staff.
The former hot cell facility, is constucted from thick reinforced concrete walls, floors and ceilings will be completely demolished over the next few weeks and the Brokk machines will then move on to other project work at the site.
The 330 E machine was supllied with a range of hydraulically powered attachments including; Concrete Breaker / Hammer, Crusher, Shear, Loading Bucket, Grapple and other items required for the project.
We provide direct on-line support for our customers during their operations and have a full range of machine spares in stock to minimize any potential down time which helps to keep the work on schedule.
We are proud of our excellent operating safety record at nuclear and other hazardous facilities. We have never had an injury or accident to any of our operators or our customers operators in 20 years of operations.
Complete your projects safely, effectively and on schedule with Ameasol-Brokk technology.