The Effective Application of Technology
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AMEASOL provides the most advanced and effective commercially available technologies for use in hazardous environments. We have over 25 years of successful application experience.
AMEASOL specializes in the application of advanced measurement technologies and remotely operated systems.
Safer does not mean slow and expensive.
Our technologies are designed to be flexible and easy to use, they offer improved speed and productivity to reduce cost and schedule.
Independent studies have shown tenfold reductions in cost and schedule compared to traditional baseline manual operations.
A Division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.
In hazardous environments, such as those found in the nuclear, defense, chemical, biotech and many industrial facilities, AMEASOL technologies ensure worker safety by positioning your personnel away from the hazards, using effective remotely operated technology.
Remote operations and long range sensors are two key AMEASOL specialties.
Manual Operations often involve high risk, difficult working conditions and high cost.
Remote Operations carry virtually no risk, provide a safe and efficient work environment and are cost effective.
- Remote (Long Range) materials identification & analysis

- Remote survey, inspection and operations equipment
- Remotely controlled dismantling & demolition equipment
- Ruggedized robotic arms with force feedback
- Nuclear materials detection, measurement and survey
- Advanced camera & remote vision systems
- Laser spectroscopy measurement systems & services
- Project, Engineering, Technical & Operations support
- Custom engineered systems and equipment
- Technology transfer and development
- Specialized systems development and deployment

AMEASOL works closely and proactively with its customers and all parties involved in projects to ensure successful completion of the objectives on time and within budget.

In addition to our own in-house capabilities, we have established and continue to develop key relationships with our suppliers and teaming partners. Each of these are leaders in their own fields of expertise and by bringing their combined strengths together under a single Ameasol supplier "portfolio" we offer our customers unparalleled service.

We are continually expanding our capabilities and actively seek out and solicit new and improved technologies that can benefit our customers. We welcome contacts from potential suppliers and technology partners who have complementary capabilities and products. We have several international partners and have helped to introduce and establish their technologies in the US, to better serve our customers needs.

Ameasol staff has extensive experience working with customers across the US and with customers, suppliers and teaming partners at many international sites in Europe and the Far East.

We very much look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
AMEASOL core capabilities include:
AMEASOL is a division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.
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The Effective Application of Technology
A Division of American Measurement Solutions LLC.
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